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100Thanks in USA, the common ground of thankful people
24 Sep 2015

100Thanks in USA, the common ground of thankful people

Last August we were in the USA. Miami is a great place to connect with the english-speaking world in many aspects and the emergence of the project in this country thanks to the appearance in The Huffington Post USA made us have no question about it, use the opportunity, and embark towards this destination.

To travel connecting is one of the greatest satisfactions that I have since many years and this trip was incredible in this sense. I like to do things when I get to know new places, but concerning this first experience with 100Thanks I must say that it goes far beyond the experiences I have had in previous trips.

I believe 100Thanks will be a great motivation that connects with something I have always loved, and judging by the magic events that are happening I think it will be the common thread for every place I visit next. I am immensely happy for being able to align both things.

We crossed the Atlantic wanting to meet ambassadors in this country, wanting to meet the media, wanting to commit people to the project, and wanting to light the wick or have at least get the ingredients to do so when we have important things to communicate at this side of the world.

Our trip was full of fascination, filled with satisfaction, we got to meet people from all over the american continent and spent a few days with friends of our friends (who already are our friends ;)), who as soon as they found out we were coming opened the door for us. Thank you Javier, Katy, Maria del Mar, Camilo, Noe, Aurora, Oso, Valeria or Natalia, among others (let me know if I am forgetting somebody) and specially the american family where I spent a couple of summers nothing more and nothing less than 20 years ago. Hopefully all the time passed can become nothing, thank you american mom!! ;)!


Without expecting it, the trip inspired me to learn something and made me want to write about it. That is why I am making of this post one of the 100Thanks chapters. The people we got to know in taxis, stores, restaurants, street stands, had most of them something in common; most of them felt very thankful.

This got me going and led me to write a chapter for 100Thanks.

From Hemingway’s land, Keywest, I begin to write this chapter; a place where the best thing you can do is think, a place where bohemians from many places in the world have accomodation and do little more than go fishing, take a walk or visit taberns; although it is the USA place which is closest to Cuba, a place where just a few miles of sea separate two very different worlds; a place where you can realise the great difference that there can be between having a life at one side or the other side.


This probably happens in many places of the world, but I guess the difference in the rest of places is not as big as here and very probably there is not so many people who have passed from one place to the other in the last years. Even for us, the USA can be surprising in some aspects.

Miami is a city where more than the half of its inhabitants are cubans, with a cuban major, a place where the spanish language is spoken in every corner and where there are many people who changed their lives completely in order to be able to land or arrive one way or another to this place of the world coming from places like Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Jamaica or many other places. Until one does not see, one does not fully understand the confluence of nationalities that there is and the great difficulty that there is to enter the country.

Without being in our plan, during the trip our biggest interest was knowing how every person that we met had arrived. What brought them here, and proud about them they started to tell us about their lives in such ephimeral moments that we shared using the Uber App (getting a cab in Miami is a bit frustrating by the way…). Absolutely every person we met this way was enormously thankful towards people, to life, those who helped them arrive and have this opportunity. And all that influences their happiness directly. Most of this people had made of it their axis to improve, to help, to get further, and the greatest and biggest example is to see how they have changed their lives since their arrival.

Without a doubt, to appreciate the things that life gives, to observe them and use them as a helm for all the new things that will come is the common denominator that all thankful people share.

Interestingly, and paralell to all this experience, since just before departing for the american continent we started the search of the so-called 100Thanks ambassadors. People that because of their life experiences are examples of how we can overcome our problems. And with the idea that they help us inspire and promote the project.

What do the ambassadors and the people we met have in common? I don’t have the slightest doubt and with every new experience I listen to it gets more confirmed. The common denominator is the value of thankfulness. To think that what I felt got me going to initiate 100Thanks is so universal and strong, makes me proud to dedicate a part of my day-to-day to promote it.

I must recognise that the story of change in my life, which made me initiate 100Thanks, is nothing when compared with those of the people I get to know. That is why I look at them everyday and deeply wish that this project serves to bring them to you.

The 100Thanks magic is the magic of all the people who were able to see the things they could be thankful for in order to change their lives and inspire us. The magic of all those who believe in this value and help us promote it, and all the little steps we take. And of course the magic of those who begin to stare at a silent change that with just 4 months of age has become completely unpredictable.

And of course, I end this chapter saying thanks from here to my friends Marcos and Marisa, for joining and committing with all this, and being with me in this first 100Thanks american adventure.

May many more come.



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