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“If” by Kipling: a great poem and 100Thanks Italy
27 Jan 2016

“If” by Kipling: a great poem and 100Thanks Italy

“If” by Rudyard Kipling is one of the most incredible, powerful and inspiring poems I have ever read. It was written over 100 years ago and in my case it has been a great help; as I was falling, as I felt as if I was getting stranded, reading it helped me hold myself.

“If you can hold your head in its place when all around you have lost their minds and blame you. If  you can continue to believe ni yourself when all show doubts about you, and also accept that they have these doubts. If you can wait without getting tired; or if, while being fooled, you do not respond fooling anyone. Or if, while being hated, you do not respond hating anyone. And still you don´t try to show to others that you are good or wise. 

If you can dream without letting dreams take over you. If you can think without letting these thoughts be all you have as goal. If you can come across success and failure, and greet these two impostors in the very same way.

If you can withstand listening to the truth you said, but distorted by villains in order to deceive the fools. Or see how everything you gave your life for gets destroyed, and roll up your sleeves to build it with worn-out tools.

If you are able to pile up all your earnings and risk them on just one play; and lose, start again from scratch and never say a word about it.

If you can force your heart, your nerves and tendons, to work towards the accomplishment of your goals much beyond their limit, and this way resist when there is nothing left but the Will, which tells them “Resist!”.

If you can talk to the crowds and still preserve your virtue. Or walk beside kings without looking down to the common people. If neither friends nor enemies can hurt you. If all can count on you, but never too much. If you can fill up the ruthless minute with 60 seconds of diligent work. Yours will be the land and all that there is in it, and -what is more-: you will be a man, my son!”.

I wanted to start my first chapter of 2016 speaking of “If”, paying my little tribute to Kiplings words, and specially after having used the words and writting as a helm for my thoughts since little more than eight months to produce a change in me. Without a doubt, I have to recognise from my side that words are able to produce changes.

I try to digest in this chapter all what happened since I was at the British Parliament on October 12th, invited as the founder of 100Thanks, and to be honest it has been busy. We have been in Italy, we have been on TV, appeared in new newspapers and we have even offered the first public talk about 100Thanks in Madrid. A talk which, due to the incredible of the experience and energy lived, I want to write about in a separate chapter.

Amont the best things that happened to me in these months, it has been having close our 100Thanks ambassador Iván Quiñoá, travelling with him, having endless talks with him and having shared his incredible self-improvement story in different places. Places so distant and so far that it has posibly reached a few thousands of people in our country and abroad thanks to television.

Let me include next the video I am telling you about:

It is interesting that I know Iván since around 5 years, thanks to my great friend Marcos who is also a member of this project. And it is interesting the fact that 100Thanks has made me value more than ever the story he has behind him. A story with an importance that for one reason or the other it does not come through typically, and one does not realise the whole meaning that there is in it. It is a pleasure to align the time I spend with my friends with all the meaning that we try to expand with this project.

It is a pleasure having found, as I said in other chapters, a way to express the meaning of small things that most of the time are beside us but we do not realise at all. People show themselves to me now the way they really are, and this is probably the biggest accomplishment in this past year.


Iván was diganosed with terminal cancer. He was told he had 3 months of life left, and together with the medical treatment he performed creative visualization exercises. Since then he works to expand his message and shares around him the importance of the right attitude and positive thought so that vital change can take place.

In november, with him and another great friend, Héctor Silva, we set course for Italy to start the movement there, invited by the University of Teramo. There we told what 100Thanks is and Iván was able to inspire the audience with his story, promoting the importance of thankfulness in his vital recovery.


For all the 100Thanks team, it was an honour to travel and realise that the message that 100Thanks transmits is universal. Me personally, I am proud that the modest chapters and the platform I started with my working colleagues, is a channel for this energy at a world-wide level.

In the city of Téramo we had a very warm welcome, (100ThousandThanks to Dennis, all the Erasmus team, the university for the organisation, and the major of the city, who welcomed us as well  🙂 . And for sure, it will be a pleasure and we hope to make of Teramo in an italian capital of thankfulness.

I have said already other times that action is the enemy of thought. In order to visualize properly, it is important to be calm. Thinking is part of visualizing. And I am telling this because, after so much travelling and moving around lately, now that I write I can reflect about it, and I get moved for all I have lived. I am thankful for it.

This first post of 2016 I wanted to dedicate it to the great poem with title “If” (“Si” en español).

As I was falling, thinking of this great poem helped me.

As I was falling, visualizing this great poem recovered me.

Thanks to all the members of the 100Thanks Italy team.

Thanks to all of you for reading me.

You can comment and tag helping us promote 100Thanks.

100Thanks! 🙂


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