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Global Study of Gratitude
23 Aug 2018

Global Study of Gratitude

What would happen if we ask many people around the world some simple questions about what does gratitude mean? Let´s see what happens…

100 thanks is a nonprofit project and it´s born of desires of being grateful for people who helped me to change. After that, the gratitude movement spread to more people. Amazing things were born from this movement as you can verify in this web.

Sara Rodriguez Laínz, psychologist of 100thanks, proposed to begin a global study of the gratitude from EEUU. Her goal is finding out what differences there are between different countries in the world. We never find a study like this before and we think that it could be a great idea. In accordance to this, we want to propose people to share their opinion about being thankful in order to get results.

The questions are not complicated. Could you help sharing this post so that many people join this challenge? You will be able to read the conclusions in our web. Although we don’t know what will happen at least we´ll promote to the people such important value as gratitude.

By the way, if you are interested in getting the questions in other languages let us know. Send  a request via e-mail:contacto@100thanks.com. Thank you!

You have the questionnaire below. If you can´t access is because the navigator doesn´t work. You can access throught this link: https://goo.gl/forms/b6tS7HMO6qxtBt6m1

Here you can see what we learng with Sara Rodríguez Lainz and César de la Hoz, team 100Thanks. If you like, you can share. ;).

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