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Build your 100Thanks

As we told you in order to inspire you to write your gratitude is why we put this project on track.

Initially our idea was that you could comment or offer your point of view by tagging friends and people with whom you saw reflected in and also that you could thank them. Therefore, you can see that we have provided a better way of doing so.

Hence the idea matured and set out to make it more direct, hence our challenge, from chapter 25 we set it to start but now IT IS READY. You can now send your thanks and create your notebooks here.

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This will lead us to build a large map showing the places where you are sending your 100Thanks.

We don´t know how many kilometers will tour nor the number of acknowledgments to be issued, but the only fact that one person will do it, is worth it. If you got spread it out would be a pleasant surprise.

If you want to help with the project contact us here:

100Thanks! 🙂