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What inspired 100Thanks?

My name is Jose Luis Cáceres, I live in Madrid, and probably like practically for all those that lived in this part of the world, these last years have been very hard, years of transformation, years of resignation, rethinking and years to see how the lives of our relatives and ours changed progressively by one oil spot that propagated incessantly and it reached all, a spot called crisis.

In the middle of reinvention and to practically begin from zero in many aspects, as if it was medicine for the soul, I tried to transform all learned into things by which to thank for, a way to move away from me feelings like deception, negativity, to feel undervalued, or not finding my place in the situation that was happening to me.

Every day, before going to sleep, I reviewed the things to be grateful for, and without wanting it I was making one of the exercises more powerful that exist to cause a change in which I was living. Recently I read that the words are the rudder of the feelings, a phrase that enchanted me, and to write all that I learned was already around my head.

100Thanks it contains my learning in this period transformed into gratefulness, and which I would like were the wick so people worldwide start up to find his. I am sure that a local change can cause something global, so why don´t we try it.

100Thanks is born driven by the energy and desire to thank for my MOTHER (in capital letters like captain of the flagship familiar boat in the middle of the storm), father, brother, sister and friends who demonstrated to be more united than ever (greater learned lesson) and helped me to row towards ahead in a new direction.

100Thanks is a project of change, a reflection exercise.

 If words are the rudder of thoughts; let´s start!. This begins. Thank you Anxo Pérez (who wrote the sentence), because we dont really know what our acts contribute to others, this project is a great example.

To end and ignite that hero who I´m sure you have inside I would like to motivate you with this song.

100Thanks! 🙂