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The project

What if we sent and organized thankfulness? 

Inspired by the idea of writting 100 learned things, 100 things to thank for, from 100Thanks we have proposed to put the means and construct a space to pass to the action. This way all the people who want to support this movement can leave their 100 thanks and help this way to propagate it.

What is our endeavour?  / What have we proposed ?


  • To write 100 thanks that can ignite a wick.
  • To enable that you identify yourself in them with a tag as well as those you send your thanks to.
  • A platform is already open so that you can send your thanks and create a personal notebook where they are recorded (we were going to wait until chapter 25, but in the end we have rushed it :).
  • To find at least 100 people around the world who want to start using this notebook trying to generate change.
  • To create a map of gratefulness and to see the results.
  • To pack 100 copies of a paper book  that  tells  the  experiences  of  these 100 people,  what  happened when propagating the flame and give it to the authors of these stories.


Do You like the challenge? Let’s get it started!

100Thanks! 🙂