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Five months have passed and it never crossed our minds that 100Thanks could become viral the way it is doing it. Our idea of creating a free movement is growing by leaps and bounds and here we explain to you how you can apply it to your daily life.

Our next challenge is to achieve the first 1.000 initiators of the 100Thanks project, creating each one a profile and promoting it in order to send and receive Thanks.

100Thanks is a Creative Commons project, which means that you can reproduce its logos wherever you like. Examples of it are: making a tshirt, putting it on a visit card, print it on your business documents or folders, insert it in your web, put it on your door at home, stick it to the wall of your office,… just by doing this you will be promoting gratefulness and through it this movement.

You can download graphic material here – Logos 100Thanks:


  • YOUR 100THANKS PROFILE: In the next days we will officially announce it, but you can already open up your 100Thanks profile here (in phase Beta currently), you will have a web address which will look like www.100thanks.com/your_name where you can show publicly the Thanks that you send and receive, and make private those that you want. This profile shows a meter counting the thanks sent and received and the amount of km travelled by them. We want it to be an universal measure of the human part of things.


  • YOUR 100THANKS BOX: You can promote this profile in your day-to-day in many ways (social networks, promoting the logo, etc… and collect Thanks like that) but above all we want that you are able to collect Thanks from your own web. Within your 100Thanks profile you will find in the upper part the way to download the code that you can copy and paste in your web and place like this the 100Thanks Box as a Widget.


The Thanks you receive from your 100Thanks box will be accumulated in your profile so that it is not necessary logging into it to display them. It will happen automatically.

  • 100THANKS BADGES OR RECOGNITIONS: Your profile has a series of medals so that you can be recognised for your support to this project. For the moment the first 1.000 profiles will have the INITIATOR medal. If something changes in the world, we want that you can be proud for having taken part in it as initiator.

¡¡100Thanks to all!!!... We dont know where all this will take us, what we do know is that we are being a great contribution to change things around us. A MILLION THANKS.

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100Thanks! 🙂