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Contact and Support

 If you like the idea we need your support.

The fuel of this project is each and everyone of you. It´s success will be measured by the number of Thanks we get and the distance travelled between the locations of sender and receiver.

MEDIA: appearing in the media is helping us very much to spread this non-profit project. We would love if you could speak about 100Thanks in your media. Of course we will be more than happy to send you further information or schedule an interview with you. Simply write to us at comunicacion@100thanks.com . THANK YOU!

YOUR HELP: You can support us by sharing this website or idea, by translating your 100Thanks in actions or simply by experiencing yourself the power that the exercise of being thankful has in and around you. Specially if we do it together. If you have an ongoing initiative you can tell us about it, we will publish all here as ” 100Thanks Stories “.

We are currently looking for collaborators. We seek ambassadors, initiators of the project in different parts of the world, or simply people that help us with simple tasks such as translating or spreading the word. If you want to collaborate with the project we will be so happy to hear from  you at contacto@100thanks.com

We are a young initiative with a history that for the moment is short. But at the same time long enough to say that this project is INMENSE.


We do not know where can go on from here, but we’d love to hear your stories, here you can contact me.


100Thanks! 🙂